Ram Samudrala's complete publication list

127 publications total that consist of 115 scientific research related publications (including book chapters), 8 more general publications, and 4 patents (I am against IP, but there's an explanation for this seeming inconsistency here). See our ongoing research for a list organised by topic. In summary, the H-index derived using Google Scholar is 32 (i10-index is 63), from 3,805 cumulative citations. 83 out of 103 total publications have average and cumulative impact factors of 5.76 and 478.46, with 26 (31%) better than average (representing the top 4% of all journals).

Scientific publications
115 publications listed, 5 more submitted; * denotes more significant; H-index 32; i10-index 63; 83/104 publications in journals with average impact factor of 5.8 (top 4%)

Patent publications
4 listed; 4 more provisional applications or ROIs submitted

General publications
8 publications listed

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