Computational Biology Research Group (CompBio)
University of Washington, Seattle


Major big picture projects

Bioverse - object-oriented framework for exploring the relationships among the molecular, genomic, proteomic, systems, and organismal worlds.
Protinfo - protein structure, function, and interaction modelling web server modules.
CANDO - in virtuale small molecule repurposing pipeline to revolutionise drug discovery.
Rice - structure, function, interaction of rice proteins and proteomes to devise new forms of nutritious rice for the world.
Decoys 'R' Us - discriminate native like protein structures to evaluate scoring functions.
CompBiki - documentation and dialetic.



  1. Ram Samudrala, PI
  2. Abhishek Devurkar
  3. Achala Nepal
  4. Andrew Ho
  5. Anthony Matsuura
  6. Brian Buttrick
  7. Gaurav Chopra
  8. Geetika Sethi
  9. George White
  10. Janez Konc
  11. Jason North
  12. Jeremy Horst
  13. Jeremy Li
  14. Kaushik Hatti
  15. Manish Manish
  16. Mark Minie
  17. Nalini Schaduangrat
  18. Raymond Zhang
  19. Swati Sinha
  20. Taylor Bohot
  21. Terminator, Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4